About Core-ID

What is Core-ID?

Core-ID is a login account management system that provides secure access to your ZOOscreen app and to this ZOOscreen.tv website. You will be provided with a Core-ID account when you are added to the ZOOscreen system.

Why Do I Need a Core-ID?

Your Core-ID provides access to ZOOscreen and this website, without it you won't be able to access anything which would be a pity as there is lots to see.

How Do I Create a Core-ID Account?

When you are first added to the ZOOscreen system, you will receive an email from Core-ID. Click the link in the email and it will take you to a Core-ID web page that asks you to specify a secure password.

Enter a password and you will then be asked to supply a cell phone number and select and answer a series of security questions. This is known as two-factor authentication and adds an additional security layer onto your Core-ID account by sending you a code via text to your cell phone, which you can use to unlock screenings and the app. The security questions are a backup in case you forget your login details.

After entering your cell phone number details, Core-ID will send you a text message containing a code. Enter the code into the website to confirm your details are set up correctly.

That's it! You've set up your Core-ID.

I Can't Remember My Core-ID Username

Your username is the email address that was used to register you in the ZOOscreen system. If you can't remember your email address, contact your content provider or take some time off and hit the beach until you remember it.

I've Forgotten My Core-ID Password

On the Core-ID login page you can click the Forgotten Password? link to obtain your password reset instructions. Note, you will need to know the email address used to register you in the system.

How Do I Change My Core-ID Details?

You can change your details from the Core-ID website. You can access this by clicking your name in the top-right of ZOOscreen.tv and then selecting Edit Profile or by going directly to the URL: core-id.net.

How Do I Change My Registered Cell Phone Number?

For security reasons, once you have entered and verified your cell phone number it cannot be viewed in Core-ID, even by an administrator. If you forget which cell phone number you used, or have a new phone number, you will need to change your phone number: log out of Core-ID (if you are already logged in), then log in to Core-ID at the URL: core-id.net. When you are prompted to verify your login by entering the six-digit code, click the My two-factor authentication is not working or lost link. Answer the security questions and click Confirm. This will remove the two-factor authentication but you will not be able to use the system until you re-enable it. On the Security Check page, click the Re-enable it now link. A Text Message Authentication message will be shown. Click Enable and then enter the required cell phone number and click Confirm Number. When you receive the new six-digit code, enter it into the web page and click Confirm. Your new number should now be registered.