Getting Started

New User?

I've Received a 'Your new Core-ID account' Email, What's It For?

Core-ID is a login account management system used to control access to websites and apps on devices such as iPads and Apple TV.

In this case your details have been added to a product called ZOOscreen, which is an app that is used for the secure screening of movies, TV shows and other video content for viewing on Apple TV and iPads. ZOOscreen has therefore created you a Core-ID account.

Who Added My Details to ZOOscreen/Core-ID?

Your account will have been setup by the company who want to send you the videos - known as the content provider. Their name and contact details will be included in another email that you should have received which will be titled something like 'Screening <title name in here> Available', see below.

I've Also Received a 'Screening <title> Available' Email, Is That Connected?

Yes! This means that your first title is ready for you to watch in ZOOscreen.

What Do I Do Next?

Your next step is to follow the instructions supplied in the 'Your new Core-ID account' email to complete your account, you will need a cell phone to verify the details.

When you have completed the registration process, you can click on the logo that is displayed to enter the site.

We strongly suggest you now read the ZOOscreen Apps help page for information about what it is and how to use it.