Viewing Screenings

How Do I Get the Screenings?

The screenings will automatically appear within the app when they are released by your content provider. If you have notifications turned, and your provider has chosen to send them, you will receive a notification when a new title becomes available for viewing. You will also be sent an email with the screening details.

Your content provider can specify a time period in which the screening is available for viewing, once that time period has expired the screening will be removed from your app. The expiry time is displayed in the app in your local time zone.

How Do I View a Screening?

Screenings can contain one or more titles - videos - for you to watch. The titles can be organized into folders, for example TV Series > Season > Episode 1, Episode 2, etc. A title will show as a larger 'landscape' image as well as a small image and Play button. Folders will either show a single image or a compilation image of the folder contents.

Note: In some circumstances you may also have 'services' at the top-level/first screen of the app, these represent different content owners providing the screenings or different groups within a single content owner. If you only have access to a single service the service level is not displayed.

Use the remote or mouse to move the cursor to the screening and then click on the image. In cases where a screening contains multiple titles or folders you will see the next level of content, continue to select the relevant folder as required until the title is displayed.

Click on the title to show the title details, or click the Play button to watch the screening straight away.

My Title Shows it is Locked and Needs to be Authenticated, What Do I Do?

Content providers can add extra security to a screening so that you can't view the titles until you have completed an authentication process to show that you are the correct person to view the titles.

When you are sent a screening that needs authentication, the play button on the title in the app will show with a 'locked' symbol. To unlock the title, click the button with the locked symbol and you will be sent a text message with a web link. Click the link in the text message to unlock the title.

Alternatively, the email you receive when a new screening is released will provide you with a link to your Dashboard on Click the link, login to the site if required and then find the screening that you have been sent. You will see that the screening is locked and needs authentication, click the blue Unlock button to unlock it. If the screening needs two-factor authentication to unlock it, you will be sent a text message containing a code to your registered phone number. Enter the code into the website and click Authenticate. You can now view the screening in the app.

Note: Unlocking a screening, or a title within a screening, will unlock all the locked titles - or all the titles within that service if you have access to more than one service.

Why Do I Have to Re-authenticate a Screening?

Screening authentication is time-limited to a set value - typically one hour. When that period has expired you will need to re-authenticate the screening.

Note that this does not affect a title that you are currently watching, if you are unlock a two-hour title and then start watching it you will not have to re-authenticate the title to finish watching it as long as it is in the current session. Similarly, if you start watching a 35-minute title you then have another 25 minutes to start watching another one and should be able to complete that title before you need to re-authenticate.

What is the View Count?

A screening can be set so that you have a limited number of views of the titles, the number available will be shown on the screening panel within the app. The View Count will decrement every time you watch* the screening. Once it gets to zero you will not be able to view the video.

* A certain amount of leeway in watching the screening is allowed, so if you start watching it and then pause or stop the video, it allows a reasonable amount of time before it counts it as one viewing. Therefore, if you are watching a 90-minute feature film, you can stop/start as much as you like within an approximate 135-minute period; if the screening duration is less than seven minutes the period will be ten minutes.

How Do I Request More Views?

You can contact your content provider to request more viewings for a particular screening using the email address supplied in your ZOOscreen notifications or on your dashboard on

How Do I Delete a Screening?

The app will automatically remove screenings that have expired.

I Don't See Any Screenings in the App, Where Are They?

Because screenings are automatically removed by the app once they have expired, you may occasionally find that there are no screenings in the app. If you believe you should be seeing a screening, contact your content provider.

Can I View the Screenings Offline?

The screenings are streamed to your device when you click Play in the app and not stored, so your device needs a live Internet connection for you to be able to view the video.

How Do I Get More Help?

You can contact your content provider using the email address supplied in your ZOOscreen notifications or on your dashboard on