About ZOOscreen.tv

What is ZOOscreen.tv?

ZOOscreen.tv is this website. You use it to manage your screenings and ZOOscreen account details. It provides a Dashboard that shows you all the screenings that have been sent to you along with the ones that have expired.

How Do I Access ZOOscreen.tv?

Hopefully you are already here. If not, in a web browser on your mobile device or computer, enter ZOOscreen.tv into the address bar.

Note that you do not need to include www or .com or anything else in the address.

How Do I Use My Dashboard?

Your dashboard shows you the screenings that have been assigned to you. It is split into two tabs: Active, which shows you the screenings that are currently available, and Expired, which shows you the screenings that are no longer viewable.

The titles are grouped under the screenings. Titles may be contained within folders - such as episodic titles held within a 'season' folder.

The screenings show their current status. When a screening needs authenticating to unlock it for viewing, you will see a 'Locked. Authentication Required' message, so click the Unlock button to authenticate the screening.

I No Longer Have the Apple TV/iPad That I Was Using to Access ZOOscreen Content

ZOOscreen.tv keeps a record of every device that you have authenticated to access the app. To de-authenticate the device so that it can no longer access ZOOscreen, login to ZOOscreen.tv, click on your name at the top left and select Manage Devices. Click the Deauthenticate link next to the name of the appropriate device.

If you deauthenticate a device in error, you will be prompted to authenticate the device/login when you next open the ZOOscreen app. Just follow the instructions to re-authenticate the device.